Meet the Top Dog

I have a simple goal to help people by offering a secure, safe and loving environment for their dogs. Clients say:  "It's great to go on vacation with a peaceful mind knowing our baby is happy and loved."

Meet Cathy (Top Dog)

Some people just naturally connect with animals, I am one of those people! If nature isn't enough, I have years of experience ( from birth to present day!) with all different animal types.  Whether your pet is shy or outgoing, I will make them feel at ease and loved. I adapt to the dog, I do not make the dog adapt to me!

I am very aware of your concerns leaving your fur baby.  I send pictures/ videos from morning till night and post stories on IG so that you can stay connected with your pups experience.  

My clients quickly become extended members of the family.  This is more than a business to me; it's my life long passion and a very special calling.