Q. Do you board cats?

A. No. For house calls we offer services for cats and any other pet you might have. For boarding we watch only dogs and no other animals.

Q. Do you require any paperwork to leave my dog with you?

A. Yes. Proof of current vaccinations, Spay or Neuter and flea control.

Q. While boarding, how often are the dogs in the kennel?

A. The goal is free play most of the time.  Dogs are placed in the pens to eat or if they need to be separated.  The days are customized to the needs of the dogs which are boarding at the time. 

Q. Do they get walks and outdoor play?

A. One walk daily is included most days for dogs that enjoy walks.  Outdoor potty breaks, sun-bathing, and free play in the yard is frequent, weather allowing.  Exception to walks are dogs that pull excessively, are overly anxious or reactive on walks.

Q. What should I bring for my dogs stay?

A. You only need to bring their food. Beds, blankets, bowls, and toys are all provided.  If you want to comfort your dog with a familiar scent, you may leave a shirt or small blanket for him to sleep with. 

Q. Do they have to be around other dogs? My dog is not good with others.

A. Yes, the dog must tolerate the presence of others, however they can be separated if scheduling allows.  Anxiety can easily be addressed, but unfortunately I am not able to board aggressive dogs.  If your dog is aggressive and a potential danger to other dogs, it is best to find a place which specializes in your needs.

Q. What is the weight limit? Will you watch a large dog?

A. My place is set up with safety and comfort in mind for our furry friends.  Most of my clients over the years are under 30 pounds and some as small as 5 pounds.